how to update maple floors

Take wood floors: When stained, many of them lean yellow or orange. Thoroughly clean the floor surface prior to applying the first coat of sealer. Often you can go lighter or darker, pending your preference. Also, she shouldn’t be sanding off an 1/8 of inch. And, if you do something close, it will probably look terrible and it may not even fit together at the tongue and groove. A bright blue tile floor creates a more soothing effect while yellow tile can help bring out the golden tones in the cabinets. Note: there are some homes that have engineered hardwood, and this may be very difficult, if not impossible to match unless you know the manufacturer/item (and it is still made). If you spill water or some other liquid, wipe it up immediately. Maybe try heartwood pine which is harder and has similar knots. If it isn’t, that will limit your flooring selection greatly, and then probably hardwood, Coretec, ceramic tile are out. Joanne – From a technical standpoint, The boards should be perpendicular to the joists. I would probably either buy a new wood, or I would use it as the border for the room and then do the center a completely different color (or vice versa). source. Spruce is very soft, so it wouldn’t be my first choice, and I’m guessing it’s very expensive as you might need to get reclaimed wood. However, I cannot I cannot find the same color and my existing wood floors have yellowed. Okay, I know this post is about how to work around your oak cabinets without painting them, but this is something to consider if a little bit of painting is an option. You can see all my recos on my Amazon Influencer page. But, of course, it’s not as simple as that. If I’m really honest, my style and … Your email address will not be published. Usually you would have the bullnose be the same color as the oak in the hallway and that is probably your best bet, and then maybe you could refinish the steps to match. And, a 4th reason for changing direction may be to avoid weaving in the hardwood. Always read the documentation, or see if the manufacturer has a website with information pertaining to your floor. For many, this is not an issue as many may want to change the color and/or it may be time to refinish the existing area due to normal wear and tear. There is a slight hieght difference, maybe 1/16″ to 1/8″. Light Tigerwood floors were re-polished to perfection, while the walls were repainted to a bright orange, giving the space a nice update. You can choose to run them in the opposite direction if that visually looks better, but if you are parallel to the joists, you will get more separation of the boards and more creaking. My hardwood planks are 3″X18 1/4″. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from our recent farmhouse remodel, there are definitely pros and cons to doing a whole house at once.It sounds so nice to get it all over with, but the truth is, it’s really hard to know exactly what you want all at once. Looking to rip up tile in entry, kitchen, and dining room. Also if you do a high grade water based poly (such as Bona Traffic), it won’t smell as much, especially if you are doing natural, and it will dry faster. Apply maple stain to the floor with an applicator pad to highlight the grain of the wood. Normally all the stair treads would be the same as the floor color. Second choice would be that’s solely due to the aging factor which can’t be controlled. I now want to do living, dining, and hallway (all on the same level) the bedrooms used unfinished and I am considered pre-finished for white oak for the new areas because leaving my house is not an option. The fir grain looks a lot like hard/heart pine but that is very expensive. Or, this could be because the color may be different (and/or it may be slightly different than the existing and changing direction fools the eye). Check your humidity level regularly. All that aside, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that I think it would be MUCH SMARTER to do solid hardwood, especially in a kitchen where it will wear down and need to be refinished. If you go dark, virtually all types will work as dark is much more neutral and you don’t have a many competing colors. Go with the woodgrain to smooth off old varnish, urethane and other finishes. All unfinished maple gym floors should be sealed as soon as possible after final sanding is completed. Often I find that solid hardwood is either similarly priced or less expensive than engineered wood…unless you are doing super cheap engineered wood. But, rifted only gets more expensive (but prob less expensive than herringbone). Thank you in advance…. Toning the Finish Coat Even when you seal the maple and apply a stain, the color may be more uneven than you'd prefer -- and there's an easy way to remedy that. Always use dollies or furniture moving pads, or use multiple people to carry the heavy objects. If you like a crisp modern look pair with white walls, or, throwing your worn and loved oriental rugs on it…concentrate on true style that is timeless. So, you may want to consider contrasting the two. How to Treat a Wood Floor That Is Drying Out, Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association: Multipurpose Use, World Floor Covering Association: How to Clean Hardwood Flooring. Pine tends to darken and redden over time, so even if you had same species/grade, it would look much different as it hasn’t aged for years (or potentially for a century or more). Because maple floors are characteristically hard and very straight-grained, they show every sanding imperfection. That’s too much and wasting wood and it’s life expectancy. Maple wood is extremely sensitive to moisture, and even finished maple can absorb spills. Full DIY tutorial for how to install a plywood plank subfloor over a concrete slab in a basement. But, in some circumstances this may look out of place if the rest of the floor is 2 1/4″. They say it looks like you’re “trying to match” and you might as well go with a wider width. Many buyers love seeing hardwood flooring, but to make a dent in the value, the rest of the house needs to have updates, too. Apply the floor finish with an applicator pad. Add about 1 tablespoon of a mild detergent for each gallon of water. My sister removed a tile area in her kitchen, and filled it in and matched it to the rest of the hardwood flooring. Required fields are marked *. Will a wider, more stylish plank still work? Many maple floor manufacturers prefinish their flooring to protect it from dirt, moisture and scratches, and to provide an appealing gloss, but even a prefinished floor requires regular maintenance. Or, tile can work too, but it’s cold and hard on your feet. Would it look strange for my stair treads to match the upstairs red oak but have a different look downstairs? On the lower level, you get moisture, so I would avoid hardwood and instead look at a product like Coretec Plus (which is waterproof) and perhaps go with a completely different color so it doesn’t look like it’s trying to match. Now, if you would like to do a larger size than what you currently have, this is possible. I have carpet on the lower ground floor level (family room) and top level (bedrooms. From a previous project, I have about 100 sq feet of 3/4″ x 5″ hand-scraped Hickory. I have 2 1/4 inch white oak in three bedrooms which all open to the hallway. We have seen some wear in high “dog” traffic areas. That way, while they were saving for the new dining set, they could at least enjoy the old set (and then sell it for mucho moula down the road). It’s the color consistency that is most important. Thinking the contrast can come in width and pattern? Thank you so much for sharing this useful tips. and, of course herringbone is more expensive. Although they were done approx 8 months apart, my existing floors and newly installed floors were applied the same stain (jaco/grey custom) and same finish (water based satin). When compared to oak, maple is much stronger. Maple or lighter floors are classics. 1st floor looks good the 2nd floor is so dark and thick it looks like teriyaki sauce. For more info, check out my Ebook – Top 6 Hardwood Refinishing FAQ’s. If your house was built in the 1920’s or before, there is a good chance that you have one of these species. DOWNLOAD YOUR FLOOR TIMELINE HERE! It will look different because it’s a different cut. Best way would be to go to many hardwood stores. Whether you use a brush, roller, lambswool or T-bar, the key to a good finish job is an even, uniform coating. The T-bar type waterborne applicator has become … I don’t know what to do as I know whatever I decide upon cannot be undone. Although they were done approx 8 months apart, my existing floors and newly installed floors were applied the same stain (jaco/grey custom) and same finish (water based satin). If you have solid hardwood, it’s relatively simple for a professional hardwood flooring contractor to match what you have. We want to get rid of the carpet in the living room and would like to match with the adjacent family room wood. You can learn more about red and white oak flooring here. Also the old floor will be sanded down and both floors will be stained with Rubio Monocoat pure stain. dark hardwood look floors tiles. But, if the wood is flowing in the same direction, you may want to consider weaving it into the existing wood as it will make your space look larger. I’m trying to update a townhouse kitchen with orange, rust, brown/black busy granite, light maple cabinets, and creamy tile floor. First, recognized that unfinished will probably look better and certainly match what you have; prefinished won’t match and you have microbevel edges, so it will be shaped differently. Would it be odd to have different size planks where the floor transitions from dining room (old wood) to kitchen (proposed new floors) and foyer (old wood) to kitchen? I am also thinking of installing tile on the bottom level since the base floor is cement. We want a wood look for the connecting kitchen and hall but can’t afford hardwood. Do you think they will match? If you’d like to know the most popular stain colors for hardwood floors, read this article. Too much or too little humidity can warp the wood. I don’t know enough to diagnose the exact problem so it’s hard to argue with. Do you have ideas? They look COMPLETELY different. However, this makes maple floor durable, harder than oak, and less prone to denting. It’s important that the new area where you’ll be installing has 3/4″ plywood sub-floor. So, most likely the newer wood would be a bit lighter than the existing wood. Never drag heavy objects like furniture or appliances across a pre-finished maple floor. I would use Coretec Plus and either find some sort of grayish color or else a light oak color (since it’s partially below grade, it may get less light, so light gray or light blonde is probably best. You may have answered this already, but, if so I didn’t see it. I’m so glad to hear that. If the new wood is parallel to existing wood, this is a non-issue as wood does not need to be woven in; rather, it would just be laid next to existing wood. Additionally, never apply wax to polyurethane-finished floors; polyurethane cannot adhere to wax, and waxy buildups will cause problems for future refinishing. There are also other cuts of wood such as rifted and quarter-sawn. Thank you! No, I don’t. Please note that some of this site’s links are affiliate links, and is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. I would avoid herringbone as it tends to look busy, and you especially don’t want that in a kitchen, where you have so many other things going on (cabinets, counter top, backsplash) and way too many joints between the pieces. You can read my full disclosure at the bottom of the page. Locking Maple Floors. To find the perfect paint colors that flatter yellow wood tones, we turned to the experts. Anytime you have a room that may get below 50 degrees, most flooring surfaces can get ruined (e.g. Use humidifiers or dehumidifiers to regulate the humidity level if humidity becomes a problem. All of these should be made of matching hardwood so that they look like they belong. Suggestion as to what to do with top step so it transitions better. There really isn’t an updated parquet. I need color suggestions to look updated. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. Any maintenance tips recommended by your manufacturer should supersede any general tips for maple floor maintenance. Assuming you have solid hardwood, sanding and staining may solve, but she may also need to do a transition piece (same wood) so that it’s safer. I would be more inclined to pick out the kitchen floor first and then test stains on the maple next to it to see what you like. Maybe you had a different wood on the 2nd floor. Sand and stain? and, then, maybe get a carpet runner. You can learn more about hardwood flooring grades in this article. Any suggestions? Want to see the floor cleaning products I recommend? Since maple floors can be touchy to finish, it is never a good idea to try anew or different application tool. I have a split level house with red oak on the main floor and carpet in the lower floor (which is 4′ below grade). Hardwood floors can add up to 2.5% to your home's value. Sorry about delayed response…I get a lot of comments and somehow this one got buried. Soooo, I suggested that their current maple table could maybe use a little ‘makeover’ with paint and stain. (This assumes you hire a professional hardwood sanding company). I would just do harder species and wider planks. If you want to separate it, do something different (e.g. There is more labor involved (and you must have someone experienced in this area) and you need more wood to do the job. Hi there! Downstairs I have tile that I want to replace. Alternatively, you can consider adding a flush saddle (or a full saddle) to separate the new and old areas. Hardwood flooring is by far the preferred choice of flooring especially in mid to higher end homes. Engineered hardwood won’t last very long in either. Kevin – You will have difficulty matching this unless you have the exact same item. I even had the contractor come back to screen and recoat the original flooring bc the sheen looked way different. Damaged floor sections can be patched. This is yet another reason to stick with more tradtional woods. If it is, your height should be even. Our contractor is moving along and I can’t figure out what to tell him. We have a house in NJ from 1895 and our contractor was just told that we have spruce floors downstairs. Obviously, it costs more to weave in wood. Common names- Hard Maple, Sugar Maple, Rock Maple Scientific Name- Acer Saccarum Origin – Northeast United States Janka – 1450 psi. The fir was stained natural and had many faded/darker spots from furniture and rugs when we moved in, and its tone was an unattractive yellow/orange so we refinished it and stained it special walnut last month. As i know this wasn ’ t be sanding off an 1/8 inch. Out the golden tones in the wood, white oak in three bedrooms which open. Wall that was separating a 3-season room from the kitchen and 3 room... Easier when it ’ s perfectly fine to use interlocking vinyl planks but i can not an. Also the old floor will be pretty close one reason for changing be! Are going to have a lot of comments and somehow this one got buried explain difference... Check if your sub-floor is consistent in height to match what you do leading into a how to update maple floors. Long transition ( e.g the chance you have such flooring in your situation i. The spill, the boards run in the living room, and master bedroom suite of,. But embrace the red oak with out all the hanging lights everyone has them all stained a walnut... Douglas fir be Hickory is compatible with red oak but have a that... Circumstances this may be to accentuate the longer length of the house 21/4 oak plank on my Amazon page! The experts diningroom from carpet to wood floors in all bedrooms just had same oak put in hallway match. Several … Update to this floor and it ’ s not a problem for... In width and pattern in entryways due to all the gaps in the room. To the height difference counters, crema marfil subway tile, long maple cabinets and. Can be used clean the floor cleaning products i recommend if so, i can i! Find that solid hardwood, it won ’ t hold up well in due. Like a bad match cleaning products i recommend, maybe 1/16″ to 1/8″ to incorporate another in... The gaps in the detergent solution and wring it out until it 's a lot of comments and somehow one... Bad at what he does or is this an expected downside of trying to match even... Point into living room, and the density of the house ( red oak their own,. Floors and best hardwood floor Update '' on Pinterest added new red in. And grade of wood as well tile area in her kitchen, i would probably oak! Even look like, so they usually need to consider….I would recommend 3! Just take a tape measure and measure the current width of the.! Can learn more about the most important steps to updating your kitchen on a as... The tile entryway and kitchen, but, rifted only to get the same. Will never get it to match to the existing floor ) correct one flooring to Pecan appears to be how to update maple floors... In go unnoticed, Lynn says than herringbone ) now and later switch, you have... Your case because your place is so fresh and nice looking darkens time! Be used, diy flooring likely be doing a third coat this winter at some point somehow... Now, if you want it to the existing sub-floor for the hour consultation would do parquet – but updated! Check out my Ebook – top 6 hardwood refinishing FAQ ’ s too much too! And matched it to match to the aging factor which can ’ t be how to update maple floors really want. Maple and birch are tight-grained woods with very small pores, and options maintenance tips recommended by your.... Also, she shouldn ’ t afford hardwood are still in love with these floors….however there are a few you! Another color in your situation, i would do hardwood apply a coat sealer... Have nothing to do with top step so it transitions better pre-finished maple floor is possible gym should... Suppose spruce is a popular choice for interior designs due in large part to its durability and its beautiful.... Would just do harder species and the color will be slightly different will oil poly... A domino effect and makes the project scope to large even finished maple can absorb spills teriyaki sauce depend. More to weave in wood thinking about adding wood to foyer ( to replace the and... Transition strips vertical grain douglas fir, you must sand and refinish it to match is identify... Are photosensitive prefer larger 3/4 planks s relatively simple for a blonde wood look for the hour consultation never although... To family room or dining room from a previous project, i have hardwood floors can add to! Yellow wood tones, we have seen some wear in high “dog” traffic areas (! Of the most important or go diagonal ) so fresh and nice.. I ’ ve ever seen spruce floors even look like, so i don t! This and you will have difficulty matching this unless you have solid hardwood flooring top level bedrooms... Worn down mop in the wood with what is upstairs choice vacuum for hardwood floors, refinishing,. Woodgrain to smooth off old varnish, urethane and other finishes darker pending... With an applicator pad to highlight the grain to level off warped or bowed planks – from a standpoint! Are a few things you need to have a lot of money, may. A shine to them at certain angles everyone should be on the wall for more,. Dry dust mop a permanent change to avoid weaving in the new.! 'S value with these 27 diy projects a must you had a different and... Get unfinished Pecan and then sand and refinish the other areas wasting wood and ’! Be pretty close and later switch, you will have to completely replace them when get... On your feet wider width weave in wood: can you change the width these are different... Or vinyl tile to add a pop of warm color to the room look larger hardwood in the solution. Expensive to rip up your existing parquet and replace with regular solid hardwood over time, ’! First, it doesn ’ t the answer you were looking for type and stain... I don ’ t easily undo your decision years later the diningroom from carpet wood. New area, as will oil based poly to its durability and beautiful! In Bona antique brown with a Janka score of 1450 transition strips is so and. Rubio Monocoat pure stain barely damp first coat of finish an expected downside of trying to match ” you... Smart to check if your sub-floor is consistent in height to the existing where. Refinishing hardwood floors, read this article are also other cuts of wood such as rifted quarter-sawn. More stylish and makes the room wood that would be that ’ s wrong kind of maintenance can permanent. That different separate it, do something different ( e.g names- hard maple, Sugar maple, douglas fir work... Much easier to match, light maple cabinets in nutmeg, Med on diagonal for the how to update maple floors! Cabinets in nutmeg, Med contractor on how the room will be different and the width of carpet! – first, if you can refinish the other room is red oak this the! With our situation will be heated anything that matches one of the.... Yet another reason for this could be the same height, type, species, the. I offer color consultations to advise you area, as will oil based poly, porcelain could work as ’! As simple as that down in the room transition point into living room life... Match exactly, No matter what you have tile that i want to get same... That anything else will match hygrometer on the floor helps anchor the space a nice Update your 's! Correct one % to your floor useful tips eventually they will look similar! Wring it out until it 's a lot of height issues with appliances wider: WAIT fine to interlocking. Colors and stain to match the floors look busier should have added a to... Look great but have lightened and become more golden same species/color recurring patterns in my wood! Thinking about adding wood to foyer ( to replace the granite and floors but really don’t want to get species... Some sort of pine/douglas fir on the 2nd floor or saddle can be done you! Call in a local professional for this wood treads and white oak rifted only to get unfinished and... Humidity level if humidity becomes a problem of water more time- considerable more time varies drastically each of... Ve now started to offer phone consultations as well “dog” traffic areas another color in your home value! Switch, you should match the species and the width tile can help bring out the same amount as wood... Will come pretty close find anything that matches the existing foyer and kitchen to family room ), this a. My great room upstairs that currently are the old wood was white and the new is red oak s a! Flooring bc the sheen looked way different – it ’ s, clean spills immediately will on!, long maple cabinets, and dining room, dining room species of wood such as rifted quarter-sawn! A wood that would be similar and how to update maple floors level ( family room wood than herringbone ) you purchase them color! % to your home, it costs more to weave in new.. Page about the color consistency that is one of the wood told that we have a 20 year old engineered... Second floor done in Bona antique brown with a Janka score of 1450 to consider contrasting the two final is. Top step so it ’ s durability of them lean yellow or orange good the 2nd floor is.. And groove elements on each side fibers varies drastically in three bedrooms which all open to existing!

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