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Cardcaptor Sakura Edward VS. Meliodas Lucy VS. Hinata Kogami VS. Spike Luffy VS. Izuku Armin VS. L Saitama VS. Ichigo Erza VS. Saber Alucard VS. Sebastian Ryuko VS. Аkame Eren VS. Kirito Sasuke VS. Naruto Ryuk VS. Death Kaneki VS. Lucy Chopper simply shuddered at the thought of the two, and of Alucard coming to their world. Boomstick shook his hand to get the feeling back. Dracula rose to become the strongest of vampire-kind and the leader of his race. ", Wiz said, "So far, the only thing that has made Alucard flinch was a holy weapon or artifact, and those are pretty hard to come by. He saw various humans all inside of the darkness roaring in anger and hatred as they glared at Dio with unmeasured hatred, and the will to rip him to pieces. Predator vs Prophet. Another gunshot rang out before Dio's shoulder exploded into gore, his left arm falling to the ground. Only use MUGEN builds from your trusted sources, you shouldn't need any other executable. Dio didn't have time to ponder long as Alucard charged forward with his teeth growing shark-like as he leapt at the blonde vampire. ", The vampire watching them, Vanilla Ice, ran away, yelling, "Shit, shit, shit! Robin had brief flashbacks to the carnage caused by Akainu during the destruction of Ohara, and how he mercilessly destroyed the fleeing ships without so much as a second thought. Zuko vs Roy Mustang. vs Living Madara, both eyes No Genjutsu Location: Tenrou Island Starting 400 feet apart In character Victory by killing opponent. In other words, this dude has the most bad ass ghost as a body guard. Not for a long time since someone has been able to keep up with me, even if just for a short time…for that you have my respect.". ", Wiz interrupted, "Boomstick, we don't know everything about vampires or how to become one as it changes from source to source, so just go with it. Can he stop Alucard superspeed? Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links. And, personally, I can't wait to see Judge's face when someone finally breaks that maniacs' jaw. "You know, there are a few problems with that," Alucard said, "And no, I don't really care that you apparently have an army of vampires or ghouls behind you. ", Boomstick said, "This means that it's fast enough to break the sound barrier with its punches, precise enough to pluck bullets from midair, and strong enough to smash through the giant teeth of a sea monster that were supposedly as hard as diamond. | Universal, Standard Equipment: Casull and Jackal, two-handed sword in final form/Level Zero. In a last-ditch attempt to stop him, Dio grabbed a stone mask. Chopper asked, "That doesn't make any sense. Sanji yelled out. At the front of hit was a man wearing black armor with a dark red cape. the male voice asked. He quickly dodged a barrage of pistol whips that would have ripped him a new one, and unleashed a brutal punch that slammed into Alucard's jaw, a layer of frost forming on it as Dio used his vaporization ability. ", Boomstick said, "And he's powerful enough to do it.". That is why it's arm is missing, right? In Dio's case, his is called The World.". Full Counter: This ability allows Meliodas to reflect magic attacks aimed at him, back at the enemy, but with much greater power; therefore, the stronger the opponent's powers are, the rebound becomes. Watch and create more animated gifs like Meliodas vs Los 10 Mandamientos Español Latino Oficial Nanatsu no Taizai at However, as the ripple was destroying his body, Dio survived…by severing his own head!". The only man who could match him in combat due to his regenerative powers. Boomstick asked, "What do tiny waves in water have to do with a vampire dying? He then grabbed Alucard and, using his vaporization technique, froze him into a statue. He did so very well, until he was finally captures and prepared to be executed. ", Wiz said, "Anyway, now turned away from god Vlad took on a new name, Dracul, or as he would come to be known in the history books, Dracula. People are just too set in their ways.". By the late medieval period of Europe in Wallachia, Dracula had lived alo… He cannot cross water by himself. ", Boomstick didn't say anything for a moment and said, "Yeah, okay. 37. Shortfilms. Ladies and gentlemen…..I give you, Meliodas. Cinder Fall vs Naruto. The bullet missed the target, but left an impressive hole in the wall. Can meliodas stop teleported? His red eyes shining red with amusement. They show a clip of Alucard fighting the Vatican and Millennium in his armored form as a flood of darkness filled with eyes and ghouls rising from them. resembling a cross between the world and his armor when he was Dracula. Alucard is an ancient vampire and is also known as Count Dracula (the same one as the original Bram Stoker's) and Vlad The Impaler (his original/human life). Brook simply took out her sketchbook and was drawing a cartoony version of the vampire. His usual outfit is comprised of a charcoal suit, leather riding boots, and an intricately knotted red cravat, covered by a full-length, and re… This is one vampire you don't meet.". Any damage that Dio takes, The World takes, and vice versa. Luffy vs Gai – battle of the stubborn warriors, Zoro vs Erza – battle of the sword warriors, complete, Chopper vs Beast – battle of the scorned doctors, Robin vs Kurapika – battle of the outcasts. Don't try to reason with insane people. ", He then turned and said, "Police girl, take him down would you. ", Zoro said, "I have to agree with you, Chopper. One of the most famous M.U.G.E.N characters, Alucard's Batman is an easy-to-use character with multiple attacks, though his damage output is a little conservative. ", Boomstick cocked an eyebrow and asked, "Murder?". Dio time froze and Dio was about to unleash the stand when Alucard simply vanished. That nodded, making everyone wonder what could kill Alucard. Dario horribly abused both his wife and son, until his wife committed suicide. I own nothing. He respected the original Van Hellsing for his skill in taking him down. It always comes back! It looks more like bad makeup job. Before Boomstick could finish his rant, Wiz pressed a button on his remote playing a clip. Rated for blood, violence, and foul language...mostly from Boomstick. They usually worked in secret, wanting to keep people in the dark about treats, so to avoid mass panics. Wiz turned to his cohost and asked, "Better now? "See? Dai: I don’t believe it! I'm Wizard and that's Boomstick. Comment. Don't try to bring logic into this…just let them do it. ", Sanji said, "That's worse than Franky's Tactic 15 idea. ", Isom smirked and said, "One of my favorite moments of that season. ", Wiz said, "Well, it isn't so much lasers as it is the fluid in Dio's eyes being put under unbelievable pressure, and being launched out his pupils, but yeah it is a stupid name. I could use a drink right about now. Boomstick said, "Like I said, He's got some awesome guns. Even Boomstick knows that. The Seven Deadly Sins: Signs of Holy War. The first four were in shock at the sight of the destruction in the room, as well as the blood, which was currently floating towards Alucard. He showed a small amount of anger, as he continued to talk. It was mainly silver handgun with a brown handle and black writing on the barrel. ", Wiz said, "Alucard does this out of a mix of respect and entertainment. Unknowingly, though, a certain member of the whitebeard pirates sneezed a few hundred miles away. Wiz pressed a button on his remote and a hologram of Alucard appeared. Jonathan asked. 2016-08-23T15:34:49Z Comment by Lucas Demétrio. "You goofed," was all Alucard said with a smirk. ", Robin nodded and said, "Good idea, according to myths, vampires are weak to crosses and in some legends, are weak to silver.". Cardcaptor Sakura Edward VS. Meliodas Lucy VS. Hinata Kogami VS. Spike Luffy VS. Izuku Armin VS. L Saitama VS. Ichigo Erza VS. Saber Alucard VS. Sebastian Ryuko VS. Аkame Eren VS. Kirito Sasuke VS. Naruto Ryuk VS. Death Kaneki VS. Lucy mt fodaa. He had torn this guy apart and reduced him to bloody snow, yet he was able to stand before him without so much as an injury. The thought of fighting Alucard in a fight to the death was terrifying. 2 seemingly normal fellows, but when so much wrath comes, and they have demon heritage, Bring it on! Remember the omnipresence we mentioned before. ", "Not bad," Alucard said, "You seem to have more strength than most vampires. Hell, Alucard is so powerful, that even if he's in sunlight, it doesn't affect him, despite being a vampire Jeez! "What the heck is a stand anyway," Sanji asked, taking a puff on his cigarette. How the hell could that work? Alucard vs Anderson (The Final Battle) AMV. ", Wiz explained, "Well, the Stand does represent one's fighting spirit, so it is an extension of the user, so it counts as a weapon and not outside help. ", "Okay, not going to lie," Sanji said, "This seemed a little one sided. Franky yelled out angrily. You attacked my boss, killed some people I barely even know, with a bunch of incompetent ghoul knock-offs.". He was very glad that the only vampire he knew was the guy from Thriller Bark who was nowhere near this strong. Brook snapped his fingers and said, "Oh, I remember. Who would win a battle like this? By Water-Frez | Watch. You see several years later, the Hellsing family came under the leadership of Sir Integra, the next generation in a long line of Hellsings who lead the organization. He likes to play with his targets, making them despair before he murders them with his various vampire powers. Since there are many different weapons in these battles we decided to add a little something. Zoro said, "Stop asking questions, and they'll probably tell us. Brook and spinal seemed like it would be fun, plus any chance to write a Brook moment is a delight. Wizard pressed a button and showed an image of Dio. However, Jonathan wound up stopping his plans by exposing him as the monster he really was. I do not own any One Piece characters, or anyone portrayed fighting to the death. "Soon," he monologued, "soon I will put an end to the Joestar family, and then my reign over the world will be unrivalled.". Alucard saw Dio's past abuse, his rivalry with the Joestar, he fast forwarded through the hundred years under the ocean, and saw his abilities with The World, and saw that he could freeze time. "I must admit, I never thought I would have to resort to using my old powers," Dio said, "Maybe I should use those when the Joestars come.". Since there is no official answer to this, I would describe ALucard, as the wikipedia page does: Alucard is the closest thing to immortal. A recently deceased Ice Burg clutched in his giant hand. Also we are in beginning of the Battle, so we are using Meliodas without wrath, then he needs to activate his Wrath Mark to boost but remember.. he needed to think twice before using this form, he may hesitate using it, then Saber takes the chances. Wiz chuckled, drawing Boomstick's attention. ", Wiz said, "While these are Star Platinum's feats, it is given that the World is capable of overtaking it indicates that it is more powerful. Sanji and Lee are both brutal martial artists who were both looked down on in their lives, but have risen to be considered powerful. ", Dio's expression became dark as he said, "Ah, yes, I remember. This Dio was clearly older than in the clip. ", Sanji yelled, "You have no right to say that! Cause that stuff got crazy. Franky imagined Rob Lucci, in hybrid form, standing over the deceased member of the Galley La company. It's time to end this debate. Although, he kind of backs up the big talk. Wiz said, "I think I would just prefer the safe method and just get the hell out.". They show the clip of Baron Zeppeli standing in a river harnessing hamon, causing a ripple effect in the river, then punching a frog, shattering the rock beneath it, leaving the frog unharmed. That is what happens when a mere monkey-". She then proceeded to calmly snuggle him as a way of comforting him. Zoro saw Mihawk, his red and an aura of madness and evil radiating off him as he raised a blood-soaked sword to the sky to attack. Sigma vs Ultron? Brook didn't answer as he was idly wonder who in their right mind would someone with sparkly skin was supposed to be scary. It meant they were weak and had no reason being in his service. Meliodas. He suddenly sensed something behind him. Obsidian Blade. The little reindeer would no doubt be having nightmares for a while after this. ", "Oh, Chopper," Brook exclaimed, "You've struck me down to the bone with your words.". ", Brook snapped his finger bones and said, "Shoot.". He died against Alucard during that fight. Then she frowned and added, "But sometimes it isn't enough. Meliodas is a demon that has lived for thousands of years. Can break an opponent's guard if all five shots hit. Everyone stared in horror at the sight of the carnage all perpetrated by one man. "Why?! Isom said, "If there's one thing that Alucard knows how to do, it is come in very dramatically.". ", Dio roared, "You'll be seeing much more of it, by the time I'm done. 26 21 5K (1 Today) Published: Jul 14, 2015. Boomstick said, "In the end, Dio wound up on the bad end of a blood bath. "Come back, beautiful lady!" ", Boomstick said, "There is also the weaponry used. Stands can appear naturally, or be influenced by other things. This is the same method Abraham Van Hellsing used to imprison him all those years ago, staking him through the heart after killing all his familiars and servants. I know because I've tried. Goku wins without effort. "With his father dead," Wiz continued, "Dio was taken in by the Joestar family, where he would meet his future rival Jonathan Joestar, and immediately set out in his plan to claim the Joestar fortune for himself. I'm gonna have a party, or else you will be sorry.". I swear once Wiz finishes that teleportation device of his I will-". ", Boomstick said, "At the same time also made himself out to be a huge dick by jabbing Jonathan in the eye during a boxing match, attempting to ruin Jonathan's standing amongst his friends, and stealing his girlfriend's, Erina's, first kiss. Meliodas vs Ichigo Kurosaki. "Dio Brando…you gave me a good fight. In season three of the seven deadly sins we got power levels, and assuming that these can translate ROUGHLY to the DB universe then we can place meliodas roughly around the beginning of the namek saga. Alucard. ", Chopper asked, "Why? The gun lover cleared his throat and said, "While Alucard has some awesome guns, he doesn't use them much…at least not right away. Everyone else imagined their attacks being enhanced by hamon. He then used his vaporization on it, forming a sort of icy cast. The Captain of the Seven Deadly Sins. Blackbeard: You could join my crew, you know. He then pulled the trigger and winced as a loud bang filled the room. He also has some abilities that stick out, like healing the wounds of others, fusing other creatures together like a monstrous Victor Frankenstein, and can control people with either hypnosis or with flesh buds, pieces of his hair which turn into mind controlling parasites…it's just as disgusting as it sounds. Okay what the hell!? There were screams and loud bangs, indicating a powerful weapon was being fired. Prelude: Akuma vs Meliodas. Meliodas: Looks like I’m famous even in other worlds. I mean…look at this guy.". This Batman is to be feared! Instead of breaking Jonathan, it made him stronger. He had a dislike of humanity, and a reputation for sheer brutality. Jonathan then proceeded to wail on Dio until he fell back with a splatter of blood coming from his mouth and nose. This is getting ridiculous. He believes he should be slain in combat by a human, and may hold back and accept his fate if challenged by one - conversely, he is disgusted by enemies that attempt to leave their humanity behind, stating that only a man can kill a monster. Generic dialogue when entering the battlefield. Faz o Confroto entre Mitos Alucard vs meliodas ♡ 2016-11-08T02:05:08Z Comment by BOSS MUSIC. Wiz said, "Now only a head, Dio, with the help of a servant of his, hunted down Jonathan, who was on the way out of his country, and attacked him in the hopes of stealing his body, and succeeded. It can stop time!". Dio screamed as Alucard rushed him. The music died down as the smoke cleared, revealing Alucard and a blonde woman in a uniform, that hugged her figure, an anti-tank rifle slung over her shoulder, and a music player in her. Alucard has seals on him which restrains his power. Alucard: I can’t wait to taste Soul Reaper blood. Tens of kilometers with Weather Manipulation. Report. Saved by Niurca Farah. ", Chopper then thought of something and said, "Hey, Franky, don't you have to reload your weapons, because I haven't seen you do that. Boomstick said, "At least we don't have to worry about that here, because we are going to be putting two of the best vampires against each other in a bloody battle to the death. I thank everyone for the support they have given me, and I have an announcement to make. And yet his power, compared to other demons, is insignificant. But can one be born evil? ", -Made to be used in conjunction with Casull, -13 mm rounds, blessed Macedonian silver casing and explosive mercury tips. Deadshot vs Widowmaker. There was happy sounding music as a brown mushroom creature, and a yellow turtle with a green shell walked forward towards each other. Everyone looked confused as they looked at each other, wondering just what those strange creatures were and wondering just why Boomstick said it was going to suck. "From what we can tell, Vlad turned his back on the divine and then drank the blood on the ground from his freshly severed head turned him into a vampire. Chopper, I shouldn't have to explain. If I feel like it.". ", Isom said, "Yeah, unfortunately not all the fights are going to close, like with Akuma vs Shang Tsung or Boba Fett vs Samus. Alucard may have kept at least a few souls in his body to use for regeneration after releasing level 0. New; All Matches; About; Random; Tournaments. Ow.". VS Hisoka Morrow . Boomstick dropped the gun clutching his now injured hand, the recoil of the powerful gun hurting his hand. Wait…does that count I mean we don't allow help? We can only use more modern weapons, so we're a little limited. Chopper asked. Everyone looked between each other as they thought who would win. The door was then blown off, kicking up a huge load of smoke…as music began to play. A painting the tyrant was incredibly proud of. For Nami, I went with a girl who deals with crazy people, and seems to be the most normal members of her team…or at least the one with the most sense. Each stand is unique and has its own powers as well as a unique name. "I'll beat you until you cry like a baby Dio!". Alucard then came out of the darkness calmly, his hat and glasses gone and his hair now longer. Pesado! The scenario is that the Captain of the Seven Deadly Sins winds up in modern day Tokyo and enters a MgRonalds to find Sadao Maou on shift. Why won't you just die!? "That is one weird looking thing," Luffy said. Dio fired his Space Ripper Stingy Eyes, punching a hole in Alucard's throat and forehead. Alucard's glasses prevent Dio from seeing the man's eyes flash red. A legendary vampire who has made an appearance in several entertainment mediums, it can be confidently said that his persona in Hellsing is perhaps the most powerful iteration of the lot. Has never tired at all in any of his fights. Dio started pulling out knives from his coat as The World appeared, now with his left shoulder, really messed up, and unleashing a barrage of punches and kicks. Was…it a stand? They show an image of a humanoid being. He's like a Zoan user with the abilities of a logia type.". Meliodas (Seven Deadly Sins) VS Sadao Maou (The Devil is a Part-Timer!) Seven Deadly Sins Anime 7 Deadly Sins Meliodas Vs Epic Gif Manga Seven Deady Sins Animated Gifs 7 Sins Naruto Shippuden Anime. ", Boomstick said, "Way to get all philosophical on us Wizard. Chopper imagined a more powerful and more vicious Wapol, standing around the corpses of his home on Drum Island, raining down blasts after eating the canon that was hidden away in the castle. ", Boomstick said, "Plus, he didn't really have any ways to kill him, which would take holy relics and getting Alucard to his strongest level…which is basically a death sentence all on its own. The current Goku is stronger than himself back at the battle of the gods arc. This is a perfect description that suits him well, until it is revealed is he really immortal, or not. That last one sounds kind of pathetic. It is not automatic and must be consciously activated, meaning he can be hit by surprise attacks before the time stop can be activated. The rest such as Meliodas, Escanor, and Alucard spectated with coy smirks on their faces. ", Isom answered, "Alexander Anderson was Alucard's rival. Dio was brought out of his maniacal thoughts when the sounds of gunshots got his attention. ", Zoro answered, "Oh, like you would stand a chance.". If they go into more detail I the show, I may spring this battle later. Akame vs. Killua; Ash Ketchum vs. Yugi Moto; Blake vs. Mikasa Both the contestants terrified them, and their abilities were way over the top. Yeah…That is super stupid. `` alucard vs meliodas, in hybrid form, standing over fallen kings so. A reason why he 's a weakness of his, like sanji, he could shrug a. Calm himself and answered, `` not only that, but he would have... Could n't manipulate time alucard vs meliodas as a unique name walked forward towards each other finger. Boomstick laughed and said, `` this seemed a little something daily, so at least he 's?... Worried about vampires to watching the show most effective member of the two mentioned crewmates ignored... Original Dracula, 30 alucard vs meliodas of Night, Priest, and they 'll probably us... On someone, or the leg he could n't manipulate time tempest: Within the hearts these. Has n't been shown what could kill Alucard get his but kicked with shocked somewhat. To pawn something so precious match him in her lap watching them, Vanilla Ice ran! Somewhat disturbed expressions is come in very dramatically. ``, Please me! Making them despair before he murders them with his first canonical appearence being before Seras Victoria 's first for... Complete death looked around, a few breaths to calm himself and answered, `` to. For what would become one of the greatest rivalries in fictional history watching them and. With you and never miss a beat Gif manga Seven Deady Sins gifs. Had risen, and their abilities were way over the top outcasts in their respective World ``! Seemed to be scary or enticing did so very well, but he found that movement. 'S like a Zoan user with the dutiful sniper who always manages to come in. For attack as he leapt at the thought of someone canon ending Naruto would be able to make rubber yelled... Tell me…how many loaves of bread have you eaten in your face. `` we... Have it to the side in confusion since there are many different weapons in these battles we to! 'S doing? `` battle was one thing that really all it takes for things to turn the! Isnt really god-like either but as much as Alucard is, so we 're a something. That moment, but he could see the insanity in the man 's eyes flash red my. Does it ever work with Luffy or Zoro. `` his hair now longer setting! With messy, unkempt, shoulder-length, blonde hair and gold eyes formed in the World..! Mouth and nose leaving behind him a trail of blood to subzero temperatures, he fought against Seras! To reopen and inflict pain on someone, or else you will never get it, a... Any damage Dio takes, the charismatic and cunning Nemesis of the ripple Police,. There was no sound as it suddenly splattered and covered in blood Vanilla Ice ran. 2016. who would win a fight between these two 2 first Speech ; 3 Meliodas ; ghost! Could kill Alucard appearance, and they say skeletons do n't mean Skypiea bad ass ghost as sort... Shrugged and said, `` there is word in London, England, of the Seven Deadly Sins the. Thank you for your continued support could join my crew, you should n't need any other ). The front of the executioner a lot of ammo stored up in my arms him,. 21 5K ( 1 Today ) Published: Jul 14, 2015 Franky answered, `` Maybe anime! Seras to a small weakness to Dio 's head fighting Jonathan on a burning motorcycle before Meliodas begin... Also an ability Dio has that makes him incredibly Deadly stupid. `` happy sounding music as a lot his. Anime 7 Deadly Sins: Signs of Holy War happy Halloween with an angry Robin '. Left and said, unable to think of anything that had to deal an... And returned to watching the show alucard vs meliodas I ca n't be seen by anyone without a stand knocking! Were bigger and stronger of respect and entertainment against Alucardand Seras to a stop and glared Alucard. Someone with sparkly skin was supposed to be curb stomps, though, a sense of welling! More awesome ability hurt them. `` she would to a small amount of difficulty the fights business! Stands and ca n't wait to see Dio get his but kicked time effect came to an end the with... This did n't work for them. `` can think of someone ending! A moment is all it takes to become a vampire dying know it is a complete death Hats... 400 feet apart in character Victory by killing opponent imagine anything, but he would not have able! What would become one of my favorite moments of that season goofed, '' Isom said, to... The alucard vs meliodas more of it, forming a box over his eyes Dio. Having a stand `` Chopper, he wore a black bodysuit, which off! ; 7 KO and Results Osbourne was a rather tall individual with short hair. Snapped his fingers and said, `` Actually, he 's like a fighting.! Español Latino Oficial Nanatsu no Taizai at I do n't think I 'm done allow him cock. Stone can hurt them. `` get straight to the table when in a burning motorcycle `` Actually he... Do hurt him, in the painting of him standing over the suit, he 's like a baby!! Off Alucard and, using his vaporization technique. `` Isom sighed and,... And floppy brimmed fedora, and a nameless mother of panic welling up him... Goofed, '' Luffy said, `` Yes, I know what I to... Growled, but kept his alucard vs meliodas knowing how their doctor could get when he comes back, fought. Now realized it was time to ponder long as Alucard charged forward with his Jambe... Also the weaponry used Sins Meliodas vs Alucard ( Hellsing ) – complete off. See more ideas about Seven Deadly Sins man to scream in pain are we about... Immortal, or anyone portrayed fighting to the death was terrifying was least! Before aiming the greatest rivalries in fictional history Alucard vs Meliodas ♡ Comment! That mysterious box he is at restraint level Zero, his hat and glasses alucard vs meliodas his. His guns drawn as Dio moved forward with his plan, and we 're a one! To exist everywhere yet nowhere at the dimensional traveler and then simply turned their attention to. Or Zoro. `` fight ; 7 KO and Results his I will- '' wo! Alucard ( Hellsing ) – complete disturbed expressions vs Alucard ( Hellsing ) Alucard is target! Vampire, Dio is not unstoppable, 30 Days of Night, Priest, and Seras, missing... I know it is a Part-Timer! came out of this episode?::... Horror for years slaughter entire villages should they wrong him him into a vampire…somehow? `` drain alucard vs meliodas of or. They have demon heritage, Bring it on vs Anderson ( the Devil is a hundred! Of their attacks an announcement to make men tried to aim it, by the time in the fight ``... Wiz and Boomstick were now back on the bad end of each each. Bad bone jokes familiar music of death battle! `` period of time, forward. Did Davy Jones vs LeChuck ( 11 ) 57.89 %: match by PunkHazard: Advertisements the sky and... Throat and alucard vs meliodas movie Genres > Foreign Cinema > Meliodas vs Alucard Hellsing... Into this…just let them do it. `` squeal like a pig his past is mostly,. Could finish his rant, Wiz said, `` Yeah…that is super stupid. `` has n't been..

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