Ceiling Fan Falls Down During Family Dinner

What are some ways to make your family dinner unforgettable? You may come up with several fancy ideas but this Vietnamese family’s experience is beyond your imagination. A video uploaded on YouTube by ViralHog shows us a scenario that can make you jump off your seat at once. A family of six is seen squatting on the floor on a mat and relishing their dinner while talking to one another. Suddenly, the little child in their midst hears a noise and looks around. Seconds later, a ceiling fan drops right on the lap of the child and the two men seated beside him.
The mother jumps from her seat and hugs the little child while the others remain frozen for quite a few seconds. After all, you don’t foresee such events.

The caption of the video reads, “The whole family was eating when the ceiling fan fell right between us. Luckily no one was hurt.” The video was taken on July 8, 2021, in Bac Ninh, Vietnam.

Viewers were shocked at the fact that the family escaped such danger without any injuries. A user who goes by the name ‘JAY B SOMO: FUME D-2′ commented, “Now that’s a miracle. 3 people in between and no one’s injured.”

Another user, Caesar, called it “a very lucky escape”.

Some people were horrified. One user, LittleLulubee, wrote, “OMG, that was horrifying.”

This video apparently made a few people reconsider their old ceiling fans at home. One such user, Chawwa, “And I look up slowly to my 60 plus-year-old ceiling fan.”

Nyankana, another user, wrote, “That’s why I abhor ceiling fans. They don’t look good with the room, and they break apart with age.”

Those who have had such experiences at their homes also opened up. Here’s a user, Christin S, who once saw a ceiling fan with glass bulbs fall at her place. She wrote, “Be glad it was just a fan and not one of the ones with a glass bulb. I had this exact same thing happen to me but with a glass bulb.”

A few people lightened up the mood by dropping a few jokes in the comments. While ‘crableg steve’ wrote, “Crouching Family, Hidden Fan”, ‘anjali raote’ added, “Such a cool fly!”. A third user, ‘bigbotno1′ wrote, “Fan: ‘Mind if I drop in… I’m such a big fan.’”

We are sure that must have been a family dinner to remember for life.