AMD’s upcoming AM5 socket for Raphael processors appears to lack PCIe 5.0 support

According to TechPowerUp, the socket for AMD’s next generation of CPUs will not support PCIe 5.0. This information reportedly came from the ransomware attack Gigabyte suffered earlier this month. Gigabyte’s attackers threatened to leak a massive amount of data if it didn’t pay up, including confidential documents from AMD.

TechPowerUp’s sources familiar with the ransomware attack on Gigabyte provided them with a block diagram of the AM5 socket, showing its connections to other components. AM5 is the socket used for AMD’s upcoming Zen4 Ryzen 6000 CPUs, reportedly codenamed Raphael. The diagram shows many PCIe 4.0 connections, but none of which are 5.0.

Of the 28 PCIe 4.0 lanes in the diagram, 16 are devoted to discrete graphics, four to an m.2 slot for NVME, another four to a USB controller, and another four to the AM5 chipset.

When the RansomExx group attacked Gigabyte, it threatened to leak 112 GB of its data if the company didn’t pay a ransom. That includes communications between Gigabyte and Intel, AMD, and American Megatrends, some of which are still under NDA.

Earlier this week, CyberNews reported eRansomExx published around 7GB of that data on its website. The author of the post leaking the two-part archive claims the first part contains data from AMD — presumably including the AM5 diagram, and the second part contains internal documents and the source code for Intel’s Manageability Commander.

AMD currently plans to launch the Zen4 CPUs, along with its RDNA 3 graphics chips, next year. Intel’s upcoming 12-generation “Alder Lake” CPUs, the first of which should be coming later this year, will support PCIe 5.0.