Man’s Horror At Discovering Giant Centipede Inside House

A nightmarish image of a gigantic centipede crawling on a wall has left many people horrified on Reddit. The image showed a very leggy arthropod inside an apartment and the Reddit user who shared it said they found it during their time living in Japan. Centipedes are usually found in soil and litter, and other high humidity habitats. However, finding a giant one inside a house can surely frighten anyone. Also, they are venomous and have distinct pairs of legs for each body segment except for the last. If you see centipedes once, they are likely to remain in the head for a long time. And this one, with particularly large legs, a la Spider Man’s retractable metal armour from his Avenger suit upgrade by Tony Stark, had that effect. The Reddit user said these centipedes “are fast”.

What would it be like to be chased by this one? Another user backed him up saying that large centipedes have an “average a speed of 1.3 feet (0.4 m) per second”.

For the benefit of everyone, a user, “explodingtuna”, converted the figure in terms of miles per hour.

Shaneblaster asked whether this was the “tracking bug” that Neo had in his stomach in The Matrix movie.

But some users also described the good things about centipedes despite their “creepy look”. The user, DaxFlowLyfe, said they eat spiders, cockroaches, termites, ants etc. “Now, if you have a TON of house centipedes and they are often sighted.. You should actually be worrying less about them, and more about what horrible thing is in your house to attract so many.”

However, another user, Goleroth, said though centipedes help clean the house of insects “but they will make you want to have spiders back”.

Usually, centipedes are small in size, non-aggressive, and harmless to humans. They can be found roaming around the floor or on the ground outside homes. But this one was really frightening, given also that the person was inside the apartment.