Cam Newton: Pretty much a flawless night offensively

The Patriots offense got a short field for their first possession on Thursday night and they cashed in on their good fortune.

Damien Harris ran twice for nine yards and a touchdown to open the night for the offense and things kept going well from there. Cam Newton went 8-of-9 for 103 yards and a touchdown, Mac Jones was 13-of-19 for 146 yards while leading three scoring drives, and the team’s only turnover came in the fourth quarter when the Patriots were already up 35-0 on the Eagles.

The outing may not have resulted in a clear end to the quarterback competition, but it was a better offensive effort than the first week of the preseason and a positive step for the unit as a whole.

“I think the whole offense did a pretty good job today,” Newton said. “From the first, second, third group, and I think we did play great complementary football as a team. From the first drive, having a short field, being backed up. Our first job as an offense is to get a first down. Once we got that first down that’s when everything also got rockin’ and rollin’. And really starting the second half with some points too. So all those keys to victory, we go over and it’s just great to see it coming to fruition tonight and just to see it close out. Outside of the fumble, it was pretty much a flawless night for us offensively.”

Thursday might not have settled anything in New England, but it likely made some people feel better about the future regardless of who winds up as the starting quarterback.